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Add "Remaks" line when saving a note



Upon saving an article as a new note, the user is now given an opportunity to tap the "Saving" button to specify the notebook and related tags. An important additional line item to include in there is a Remarks field -- like the one in Web Clipper -- that by the user entering just one character will already spare him a lot of work later on when editing the note to begin adding the remark. 

Inserting the remarks "a priori" spares the user the many steps to add remarks to a note at the top of the article, such as the user's own reminder of exactly why that article was saved, particularly meaningful texts, etc.

Once a note is created without that remark, then the article's own format will rules the entry of new text, making that entry extremely unfriendly (practically always new text is given the article's title's format of large bold type, often new text is given undesired background color, plus a myriad of other formatting problems that can otherwise be easily avoided).

Thank you.

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Hi.  How exactly are you saving an article as a new note if this is a web page and you're not using clipper?  And whether or not you are using clipper,  'remarks' can be added pretty easily to any note by creating a new and separate note with the same title or tags - one or more of which can be merged with the original if necessary to allow further editing.

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Hi, @sidney@huber.com.br, and welcome to the forums! I think your idea's a good one, and you've described very well the problem (which I've often encountered) of adding material to the top of a clipped note. In Android, at least, it's significantly harder to clear the clipped Web material's formatting; and it's not easy in Windows.

@gazumped, I think that for once you've missed the issue. There isn't any "Web clipper" in Android; you just use the Share feature in the browser and share it to a new Evernote note. That's what Sidney is talking about, and perhaps that is what you mean by "clipper." And honestly, I don't see creating and merging a whole separate note as an easy solution.

IAC, I'd like a little more flexibility in sharing/clipping Web pages in Android.

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