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No Evernote access using the Iphone app

Danny E.


Dear all, 

Just installed Evernote basic on my PC and Iphone, very exicted to start using it but when I start the application on my Iphone I get a pop-up to upgrade to the paid version or desyncronise altough the basic version should allow to use 2 devices simultainious, is it not ?

The 2 options I have is to upgrade or desyncronise. If I choose the last it would not have much use.

Before I upgrade I would like to use the application on my phone for a while to see if it suits my needs.

Can some help me out or explain how I can get this woking or am I out of options ?

Thanks !



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You can always use the Web Client to reach your account and de-Register other devices. The web client is never counted as a device.

To enter the Web client, go to Evernote.com and log in with your account credentials. You can quit devices in your account settings.

If you want to use 2 devices, you could Always enter on your PC via web client, which does not take one of the allowed devices away from your limit.

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That did the trick 😉 Apparently I have tried to us the application a few years ago and the device was still registered.

Now I can go ahead and start work with. Thanks both of you! Really appreciate your help.

Best regards,


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