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Pasted image preview won't go away once attachments is deleted.



I copied an image to my clipboard and pasted into a note. I then used my curser in front of graphic to delete the image and that works fine. But the image preview in the note stay there!!!

I did some troubleshooting and i think i noticed a difference. If you click on the image and hit delete, the image preview goes away! if you delete by using curser in line, that does not! So....  thats great, but going back to a previously edited note in which i deleted the image with curser... there is no image there to select and delete.

Saved cache data? Any help would be appreciated..

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 8.23.06 AM.png

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The image preview (thumbnail) is probably part of the search index, which updates separately from the note itself. Usually, the search index updates almost instantly after a note is changed, but at times, it can lag up to an hour behind, even after you've forced a sync. Restarting your client seems to help, but not always.

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