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How to stop junk messages from Evernote



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16 hours ago, t87699 said:

I got a junk message from Evernote at 10.30pm, making a suggest

afaik  There is  no setting

Just wondering what the junk message was.    
I don't receive many such messages from Evernote

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You use a service by a company that does NOT use your data to make a buck FOR FREE.

Maybe you should see your attention as the price you pay for not paying. If you spend 15 Minutes a month seeing the stuff, pushing it to trash, writing in forums about it etc., and compare it with the 6 $/€ a Premium account would cost, you really come CHEAP. I do not work for 24€ an hour ...

So stop whining about getting an E-Mail from time to time. Make up your mind, go for a Professional use of EN, or take it as it is.

As an elephant I am allowed to say it openly ...

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I don't know who this bore is, or why he thinks USING CAPITALS makes his bizarre rant MORE IMPORTANT

I asked a simple question about stopping messages from an app, NOT EMAILS.

If anyone has a practical suggestion, I would like to hear it, but not to be PREACHED TO BY SOME IDIOT about what I'm supposed to decide.

As NOT an elephant I am allowed to say it openly ... 




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