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Evernote Persists across multiple desktops

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This issue has continued for many versions of the MacOS and I finally am frustrated enough to send out a general post.

The main Evernote window as well as any notes that I have open persists across multiple desktops on the Mac. Is there a setting that I am missing to make Evernote act like every other app on a Mac? Evernote is the only program I have this issue with.

In more detail: Let's say I have three desktops open on my Mac. The first one is empty, the second has Safari running in a window and the third has my calendar. If I am on the first desktop and open Evernote then switch to the 2nd desktop Evernote will follow and be in front of Safari. If I switch to the 3rd desktop, Evernote will move as well and be behind my calendar. It takes up valuablespace on the screen and clutters my desktops. Why is this happening?

I am currently using macOS version 10.15.1 (19B88)

Evernote Version 7.13 (458080 Direct)


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1) We are all users here. Nobody is obliged to read or answer anything. If a post is interesting  for others, it gets lively. If not, not …

2) We are now on v10.18.3. The 7.14 client is now legacy, declared end of life. It may or may not be the same, nobody will do anything about it with the legacy client. On v10 you can try yourself - i am currently on my iPad.

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39 minutes ago, StevenTillson02 said:


So - pre-version 10,  no longer supported or updated by Evernote.  If no-one here has any better suggestions,  you could try uninstall / reinstall which would get you the current version 10,  and then step 'back' to regain the Legacy version (which I think is 7.14 - I'm not a Mac user).  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote

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EN legacy 7.14 and EN v10 (currently 10.18.3) stay on the very desktop on which they are placed by me. When I switch between virtual desktops, I am not stalked by EN.

7.11 is completely outdated, no idea what it does, especially when combining with a modern MacOS release.

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