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Takes 1-2 seconds to do anything

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Everytime I use the app on my iPhone 10 it takes 1-3 seconds to respond to anything.  For example, tap search icon - 1001, 1002, 1003 search bar shows.  Type in search term, 1001, 1002, 1003 search results show.  This cannot be normal?  Any thoughts?  Thanks,

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Always = the same lag, when on WiFi or in mobile mode ?

From my experience there may be a short lag when something is still in the search field when coming back to the app. In all other cases the app is quite responsive (iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256GB, iOS 13.2.3, EN 8.24.2).

The standard next steps would be:

  1. Switch the phone completely off, wait a minute or so and switch it back on. This will clean out all residue in the phones memory.
  2. If it still does not work, uninstall the app, go through switch off / wait / on and reinstall.
  3. If you are still unhappy, open a support ticket.
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