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Icelandic as a recognition Language

jon steindor


Hi there

I would like to ask Evernote team to add Icelandic as a recognition language.

All the other Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian) are included - not Icelandic.

The great features of Evernote to be able to recognise text via OCR from typed text on picture format or handwritten text imported via Scannable, are more or less useless to us. And that is a real shame.

In my line of work I use handwritten notes a lot - so to open up this part of Evernote's great capabilites to us speaking and writing Icelandic would be a game changer.

I would really appreciate if Evernote would take this request in to serious consideration and include Icelandic as a recognition language in future updates.

Best regards from Reykjavik, Iceland (Bestu kveðjur frá Reykjavík, Íslandi)
Jón Steindór

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