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Bug: Evernote Web Clipper update breaks websites using Monaco code editor

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This has been reported by our users at: https://github.com/googlecolab/colabtools/issues/858.

The core code editor is based on: https://github.com/microsoft/monaco-editor

In Google Colaboratory we had a number of users who suddenly experienced keyboard shortcuts not working within the product. There were no corresponding changes or releases on our side. Users were able to resolve the issue by disabling the Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension.

I see from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc?hl=en that there was a release on Nov 11th, right around when users are reporting that this behavior in Google Colaboratory stopped working.

This extension release should be rolled back or patched ASAP. Please feel free to chime in on the bug at https://github.com/googlecolab/colabtools/issues/858.


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Hi.  We're a mainly user-supported forum,  and I'd not heard of Colaboratory before this - Dummies.com (my kind of tech info) says...


Google Colaboratory, sometimes called Colaboratory for short, is a Google cloud-based service that replicates Jupyter Notebook in the cloud. You don’t have to install anything on your system to use it. In most respects, you use Colaboratory as you would a desktop installation of Jupyter Notebook. Google Colaboratory is primarily for those readers who use something other than a standard desktop setup to work through the examples.

...which is not exactly the type of environment within which I'd expect Evernote is normally configured to work.  In the interests of being good neighbours they'll probably look at the problem when a staffer gets a chance to look at this thread,  meantime I'd suggest that someone who's been affected and has subscriber access to Evernote raises this with Support,  or that Google talks to Evernote about it direct - I think the companies do know each other...

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Thanks for the response.

We generally try to go through official bug channels but I'm not sure what that channel is here. The issue for Colaboratory is that just having the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension installed breaks the website. Users are uninstalling the extension when they find the issue but Evernote should not be breaking other websites.

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