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Catalina up , can't copy n Paste in event

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Hi everybody, ever since I updated to Catalina I have not been able to copy and paste in Evernote, I'm always copping invoice numbers etcfrom notes in EN.  I have reported the issues to support  and the technician email saying they are working on it. The last couple of updates this doesn't seem to be resolved this for me. Is anybody else experiencing this, I'm not sure wether to just uninstall and reinstall?

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What operation do you mean exactly ?

On my MBP I run Catalina and EN in the lastest versions.

Copy and paste of text between notes, from a note to another program and from another program into a note - everything works seamlessly.

Before you do the big un-/ install loop, maybe check through  settings - security - privacy of your MacOS whether all EN checkboxes are checked.

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I got it to work by using shift-cmd-v.   Look in the edit menu for "Paste and Match Style" . I never would have thought of it because it CHANGES the style from White on Black to Black on White.

I shall have to change the meaning of the word "Match" in the dictionary.  ;)

It's been driving me crazy--and that is a pretty long drive!

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