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Word Files Converted to Winmail.dat



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22 hours ago, Leon001 said:

I recently saved a Word document in Evernote and when I tried to open it I was unable to because it was converted into a .dat file.

Can you give us some details as to how this file was saved

afaik  Evernote does not change file formats    
           There are some exceptions, but all my Office/iWork files remain in native format

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I think that's probably something that you did (or rather, something that Outlook does for you); did you send an email to Evernote via Outlook, since winmail.dat is an Outlook thing. Reference: http://ipswitchmsg.force.com/kb/articles/FAQ/What-is-winmail-dat-1307739586757; telling quote:

What is winmail.dat?
Here's a definitive resolution for the "winmail.dat" issue.

If you, as an Outlook user, send e-mail formatted as Rich Text (RTF), and you send it to a person whose mail client does not support RTF, then that person will receive a plain text message, and everything else - attachments included - will be wrapped up into an unreadable "winmail.dat" file.


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Thanks for the replies and helpful suggestions.  I have been forwarding emails with Word files from Outlook which appears to be the issue.  I guess the fix will be to forward documents from another email program.  Evernote is not something I use extensively so this may account for my inability to figure this out.  Thanks again.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

It is a while ago since I have used Outlook, but I think there was an option somewhere in the settings that avoided conversion into the Winmail.dat-files.

Maybe you try the Help function, or google for a solution.

Thank you!

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