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Web Clipper: does note remain after page is no longer available?

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10 hours ago, Goes_to_11 said:

If I use Web Clipper to save a web page as a Note in EN, does that Note remain accessible to me even if the web page from which it came is no longer available on the web?

Yes, the note remains accessible
An Evernote feature is that it downloads the web page objects (pictures etc)
This allows the note to display if no internet connection; or if the web page is no longer available

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If you just need the brute information only, you can also clip as a pdf. Preferably from the reader mode of the page, this creates a very lean and clean copy of the content. EN will OCR it for you, so you can search full text in it.

But links will not work, as well active content will be turned to static display. Slide shows will not display, or will only show the first picture.

If you clip using full web clipper, see the answer from DTLow. If the page disappears, you have your copy of it in EN. But because often other content will disappear as well, links will maybe stop to work. Their content is not copied. So think what you will really need, and make sure you get what you need. Maybe this means to copy more than one page by following links to other pages, and clip them too.

If you need to grab a whole website with all stuff, there are other tools available that can do this for you in an automatic manner. Just remember that this may be a copyright infringement before you hit the button.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

you can also clip as a pdf. Preferably from the reader mode of the page

I don't seem to have this 'clip-as-a-PDF' option in my web-clipper for Google Chrome!?  Tried different page reading-modes, but no clip as PDF option...what am I missing/how do you do that?

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Concerning my workflow, I checked again following your answer: To get a button „Save pdf in EN“ you have to activate it in the Web Clipper settings (General, then way down). But (and here I missed) it is only available when already a pdf embedded in a web page is displayed.

If you do not have Apfel, but a reader view of a web site can be activated, you can use this to get a simplified version, or pick with the simplified web clipper option (2nd from top). Most ads will disappear, as well as footer and header elements.

When I am on my Mac, there are several options by the OS to save any page as pdf. Mostly I am using my ipad to clip stuff - there I use the „print to pdf“ option of iOS instead of sharing directly into EN.

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