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Cannot open 'evernote.com' page in China.

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Hi, I'm an Evernote user who lived in China. Recently I found that I cannot open 'evernote.com' page. When I tried to open 'evernote.com' page in the browser, it would redirect me to 'https://www.yinxiang.com/?referer=en'.
Please check the screenshot. It tells that 'Evernote redirected you to Yinxiang Biji based on your location'.
Why did this happen? Why would Evernote redirect me to Yinxiang Biji?

CleanShot 2019-11-10 at 15.27.57@2x.png

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The Chinese operation of EN was spun off a while ago, into an own company running their own product on servers located in China. The software will probably become less and less compatible, because each entity is developing into their own, separate future.

If you want to reach the EN servers behind the great firewall, you probably have to go there through a VPN tunnel. I can not say whether this is regarded as legal in China. Neither which VPN provider offers good service there ...

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