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perte téléphone...




Mon portable est tombé dans l'eau... Je voudrai retrouver mes notes et je n'arrive pas à me connecter.

Je pensais pouvoir tout retrouver en me connectant avec mon ordinateur. Or, rien à faire. J'ai plusieurs comptes google et je ne sais plus avec lequel j'avais créé evernote sur mon portable... je sais que j'avais un code d'accès avec 4 chiffres et là, sur l'ordi, on me demande au moins 6 au moins. J'ai modifié...  mais je suis perdu...

Merci de votre aide.


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My phone has fallen into the water ... I want to find my notes and I can not connect.

I thought I could find everything by connecting with my computer. But nothing to do. I have several google accounts and I do not know with which I created evernote on my cell phone ... I know I had an access code with 4 digits and there, on the computer, I am asked for 6 at least. I changed ... but I'm lost ...

Thank you for your help.


Bonjour, et bienvenue sur les forums. Hélas, quel problème!

But if I want to say anything useful I must do it in English. And honestly, I'm not sure what that might be. At some point you have to be able to log in to Evernote. The support at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new is mainly for Premium subscribers, but for such a drastic situation as this, there may be options for Basic subscribers as well. You can also contact Evernote support on Twitter: https://twitter.com/evernotehelps. Let me tap Evernote employees @Shane D. and @May L on the shoulder to see whether one of them might be able to come to your rescue.


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Usually there are override codes provided from EN when 2FA is activated. If you printed these and can find still them, you can override the 2FA-authentication through the smartphone by this. There are several rows of numbers, each 4 groups with 4 numbers in each group. You need one of these groups to unlock.

Maybe you could connect to the Web Client at Evernote.com instead of using the desktop client ? 2FA will be active there as well, but there is no device limit for the web client, so it is one step less to worry about.


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