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Bug: Evernote believes I have 3 devices and I need to deactivate one of them

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I use Evernote on 2 devices: Mac and iPhone.

Recently whenever I sign in to Evernote on my iPhone it tells me I have 3 devices and I need to deactivate one of them. My iPhone is listed twice. And the log says I’ve used both recently  

So I deactivate one of them and in a few hours It happens again. I’m seeing this bug multiple times per day. Please help. 

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I have a similar problem. It says I haves three devices and it lists a device I have un-synced several times. It just told me I had used it on my phone 2 hours ago. I don’t even have the app on the phone. Unfortunately, Evernote only allows people to email them if they are paying customers so i won’t be able to use it at all soon because it says I’ll have to pay for it if I do it again. 

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I have the same issue, and now the number of “unsyncs” is being limited so I’ll soon be locked out of my account if the bug is not fixed.


Evernote support, you here?? It’s insane that you have a bug like this and only premium subscribers can even contact email support. 

i only have a laptop and a phone using Evernote, there is no third device and the bug is happening for me with my phone showing up as two different devices. It happens repeatedly every few days after I unsync the duplicate.

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Nothing is insane, because you are on a free ride. So you decided to take what you get, without paying for it. This is why you have to take what you get now - like it or not. This is not because EN is leaning hard on you, it is because you decided yourself to be on a free ride.

In the EN conditions it says „community support only“. So this is what you get:

There is one client that is never counted as a device, which is the web client. You get into it by opening a web browser, go to Evernote.com and sign in, which will open your account.

Before taking action, I would go to security, access history (hope I did translate this correctly). Check if these entries correspond to your actual use of EN. If you find something strange here, maybe somebody else entered your account, which was counted as another device.

In this case, take the necessary measures to protect your data (change password to a strong and unique one, do not use the same password on several accounts, activate 2FA etc.). And please do not blame EN, it was not their server that got hacked. If somebody entered, then your account was accessed with your own user credentials. You have to protect them yourself.

Let us say everything was normal. The next step is to revoke access from all of your devices. If one shows up double, uninstall the EN app from this device, switch it completely off, restart it and make a fresh install. Sometimes part of an app gets stuck somewhere in a phones memory, this should clear it out. Sign on again, by activating the device you need the most first.

Remember you always have the web client to use in addition to your 2 devices, which is easier to do on a desktop or a tablet, than on a tiny phone screen. And think about starting to pay for using EN, because the people working at EN needs to get their fridges filled as well.

Community Support - over !

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23 hours ago, RenataWrites said:

I won’t be able to use it at all soon


9 hours ago, Nordelectro2 said:

I’ll soon be locked out of my account if the bug is not fixed.

I don't know what's going on with the devices, but I know web access is not counted.   
You will continue to have access at www.evernote.com

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On 11/12/2019 at 6:31 PM, DTLow said:


I don't know what's going on with the devices, but I know web access is not counted.   
You will continue to have access at www.evernote.com

This is good to know, because it is still doing it. In fact, it said I was on my phone on the app 5 hours ago. I was dead asleep 5 hours ago. :/ 

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Then it was probably not your phone, but somebody else accessing your account with credentials stolen in the internet. This did not happen at EN, but on one of the many breaches that has happened at other services over the years, the largest one probably at Yahoo. If you use the same or similar passwords on different services, doors are open !

The black hats hide behind an iphone ID, but it is known that hackers go to EN accounts snuffing around for valuable information (searches indicate they are looking for cryptocurrency wallets).

To stop this, go to your account and change your password, to something only used for EN, strong and long enough to withstand a forced attack. After you did it, throw out the device not owned by yourself, or with rare access hours.

After this, think about whether you use the same or similar (Same PW structure, only variations by changing numbers or letters) account logins on other services as well, get a password manager and start changing them all. Wherever possible, activate 2FA ... or live with other people snuffing around in your life, with probably bad intentions.

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