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__John L.

bloomberg.com and Evernote don't cooperate

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I've tried saving the following page to Evernote via Firefox for Android v68.2.0:


You might consider contacting the developers at bloomberg.com on my behalf.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide with this issue.

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FYI, this is mainly a user-to-user forum. We're not able to contact bloomberg.com on your behalf or Evernote's. (AFAIK, anyway, though some of the users here do seem to have various superpowers!) But some of us may be able to chip in some assistance. A bit more info would help. I assume you're doing this using the "Share" function on Android? How exactly does it fail?

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I'm not a paying customer, so this is my only channel for assistance. Try it, it doesn't work as advertised.

FYI, I've already submitted a similar request at bloomberg.com.


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4 hours ago, __John L. said:

Try it, it doesn't work as advertised.

It looks like Evernote tries to retrieve the web page   
- Bloomberg detects something unusual (robot) and launches protection
This did not happen on my iPad/Mac

Personally, I've encountered problems with many web sites/pages
and no longer capture/view web pages in Evernote format (enml)
I use: pdf, screenshots, web archive

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I neglected to mention I'm using Android 9 and Evernote 8.12.3 on a Samsung A10e.

It's too bad bloom bloomberg.com has done this, seems like they're exercising futility.

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