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Duplicate Notebooks Can't Be Removed

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New to Business Evernote, I also have the basic evernote for my personal use which I switch between with business. I just signed up, and am starting to organize information. I created some notes and somehow they all got duplicated. I tried to delete/remove the duplicate notebooks but the remove/delete are grayed out on all of them. Even the default notebook I'm unable to delete.




Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 2.10.20 PM.png

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If notebooks can not be deleted, one possible reason may be that they do not belong to your account, but are only sort of shared to you.

Are you having Admin level for the business account ? Probably admin rights are needed to change and delete those notebooks.

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I did try syncing and then restarted my computer.

So when I log into Evernote Web and look at the admin console, there are not duplicate notebooks for the ones I created, they only show up on my Evernote desktop app when logged in.

I'm also currently the only admin on the account, no one else has access.

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Then if everything you need is on the server, the next step would be to delete EN completely on your Mac. I would use the AppCleaner App, and make sure all program parts are really checked off in the selection window. Scroll to the bottom and check anything manually that is not yet checked.

After that, reinstall EN (if possible the direct version from the EN website), log in and wait for EN to sync with your server account. This should rebuild a complete copy of what is on the server to your Mac.

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Ok, so I did all of that. I re-downloaded from the internet the mac version. It now looks like the online version, however I have one notebook that I renamed but still can't delete OR remove it (even on the web evernote).

Is it possible that my personal evernote (free version) somehow got synced (even though nothing from my personal shows up on the business evernote and vice versa? I logged in to my personal and there is no connections in the admin console between the two.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 4.55.44 PM.png

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