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Asana integration

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Hello all,

I am looking at both Asana and Evernote to help me keep track of a number of projects in the next twelve months. I would like to know if you think they work well together, and also what version I need of Evernote? Or if you have any other recommendations? 


Apologies for this basic question and thanks for your time,



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Whatever integration you use,  you'll always need the latest public version of Evernote for your OS via Evernote.com

As to 'working well',  Asana is one of the leading apps in a market where there are literally hundreds of competitors available.  They all presumably work well for someone - and the judgement is so subjective that I can't vouch for how easy you'll find the process.  Best advice is always - try for yourself - preferably a free trial if you can get one,  or go with a recommendation from someone with the same interests.

It's all about what best suits you and your needs.

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I agree with @gazumped, and would add that you should probably look at what's available that would suit your needs for Evernote <> Asana integration in services such as IFTTT (basic but easy to use) or Integromat (much more powerful but needs more thought).

Unless you just mean using both tools to cover different aspects of project management, without any specific technical integration. In which case it's still really what you make of it. 

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