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Cross Platform Font Support - Monospace


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Based on the "Behind the Scenes" series, cross platform font support is being addressed in upcoming beta releases, but apparently by significantly restricting the number of fonts we are allowed to use within Evernote.   This is expected and probably 

I'm not a huge font user, but I've come to rely on Source Code Pro for mono-spaced text as I'm often dropping in code snippets or similar examples where it's not always possible to guess the correct character based on context.   

I would encourage you to carefully select which monospaced font is to be made available, such that every character is readily distinguished.   Courier New is a poor example, as seen in this sample screen shot taken from my Mac and the current Evernote ver 7.13.


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I strongly concur with this request.  Source Code Pro is great.

In addition, some monospaced text on the Mac client (at least) is not truly monospaced.  In particular, bold text is not spaced the same as non-bold text in Andale Mono.  There are uses of monospacing beyond code, and even in code that is being presented to others, boldface is useful for emphasis.  One must choose all-bold or no-bold.

It works in Courier (ugly and hard to read):



In this forum, there is no Andale Mono, so I can't illustrate the problem here.

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