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Tag list - longer tags

Michael De Meirleir


As you can see in the attached screen shot, there's a small issue with the visualisation of tags.
I use rather long tags (which is a personal choice, I realise that) that do not visualise completely in the tag list.

This makes it very complicated to work with.

Would it be possible to put a tooltip on the labels, containing the complete name?




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Hi.  I'd guess that this will not happen in the short to medium term;  coding a web client to work in a variety of different browsers on different OS's has to be a fairly involved task,  and the 'look and feel' of the web page - including possible tool tips seems like the sort of thing you'd establish early on.  I've no idea how easy or otherwise it would be to add tooltips for those tags that are longer than displayed on screen,  but I'd think Evernote will want to confirm that everything else is up and running reliably before going back to add extra bells and whistles,

No clue how many users will support your idea,  but as you correctly anticipated, the advice normally dispensed here would be "use separate words for tags to avoid long strings".

In this case (and without knowing the background to your filing and tagging) I wonder whether you could split these notes up with notebooks rather than tags.

If you get a lot of votes (top left of this page) Evernote might consider this as an option,  but don't hold your breath...

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