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Evernote inserting blank spaces within note

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Does anyone else find that Evernote is randomly inserting blank spaces within their notes?


I have a number of notes where I have a row of text and then a table immediately under it, then a blank row, and then another row of text and table under that, etc.


When I go into my notes, I find that Evernote has randomly been inserting additional blank rows between some, but not all, of those text/table combinations.


Clearly worried that if Evernote is randomly inserting (admittedly blank) data into my notes that it is just as likely to randomly delete data.

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9 hours ago, sakerrison said:

Clearly worried that if Evernote is randomly inserting (admittedly blank) data into my notes that it is just as likely to randomly delete data.

Hi.  Don't see 1) that there's any sign of 'randomly inserted' spaces,  or 2) that even if there were,  it could indicate a risk of lost data...

If you change the size of a window,  text reflows - as far as possible- to adjust;  and it may be that what you're looking at is simply in a different size window than you used previously.  Evernote does sometimes insert spaces (actually,  new lines) between paragraphs in pasted text,  but I've never seen more lines in a note than I saw last time it was opened...

Can you try a couple of experiments with new notes containing tables and text that you can copy?  Set a note up and take a screen shot.  Then check back later and see if it changed.  If so,  take another screenshot,  and post the before and after ones back here so we can take a more in depth look...

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So I have created a new test note, and did so in full screen.


Per the first screen shot, I have removed any blank rows between the "names" on the tables and the tables themselves. There is one blank row between each table and the next table "name".


I then closed that window, and also closed Evernote. On reopening the note, full screen, I get the second screen shot, where there is now a blank row between each "name" and the following table.


So as far as I can see, Evernote has itself added an addition carriage return between each of those.


But if I go through all my similar notes, it is not doing it consistently. On many of the notes, it is leaving the "name" and the table on consecutive rows. On others, when I delete the blank row, Evernote reinserts it.


None of this has been copy and pasted, just typed directly into the note.




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Hmmn.  Evernote does insert blank rows around tables,  because there additional 'handles' sometimes pop up to deal with rows and columns and the space is needed for management.

This applies to new tables,  though my notes also contain lots of older tables set up before this new format applied.  I would imagine they are still as originally created.

It is ...odd but sadly this is a "feature" of Evernote's layout for tables.  It doesn't signify that there's any danger to information contained in the tables,  or in the rest of the note;  it's just the way that tables are displayed.

You could check the company's view on this by tweeting to @EvernoteHelps for assistance

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