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Not sure what's happening, but on my iPads, the Evernote screen comes up, but nothing else. If I leave the app and try to run it web-based, it doesn't work either.  No way to create, browse and no menu selections. After a while it just dissipates.  If I press on the remove X button, while the icons are ready to respond, it won't budge.  It's rebellious and fighting me as I used to rebel and resist my parents back in the day. Any information would be great.  Oh.  I'm running the following iPad sofware:  IOS 10.3.4 and IOS 12.4.3.  Thx

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Since you are not running the actual release iOS, which would be 13.2 your best bet to solve the issue is probably to  issue a support ticket. 

Personally I run iOS / iPadOS 13.2, app version 8.24.1 and everything is stable.

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