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Spacing of Lines in Text Copied From MS Word, Pasted Into Evernote




This has been an ongoing issue for me. I use Word and Evernote in my everyday work and frequently copy things from my Word documents into Evernote. My settings for Word for paragraph options are always "single" line spacing, with 0 pt before and after. I'll add spacing, if I want it, with the "Enter" key. Otherwise, I don't want it.

When I paste anything from my Word documents into an Evernote, Evernote adds double spacing to all of it. Years ago, I reached out to Evernote support for help and they said it was a known issue, but in the meantime I can choose to "Simplify Formatting". If I do that, it removes the formatting I need, such as highlights, bolding, italics, etc... Basically it is an all or nothing formatting non-solution to an issue that has been known to them for years. I first reached out for help with this at least 2 or 3 years ago. 

I love Evernote, generally speaking, and I lean upon it very heavily for my professional and personal needs, but I"m getting pretty disgruntled about this not being resolved. Evernote should retain the integrity of my Word text when I paste it over and it should not add its own formatting to my documents.

Does anybody know of a solution to this issue, other than me finally getting fed up and changing to another software for my note syncing needs?

Thanks so much and kind regards,

Original In MS Word.png

Below is a screen shot of the same note after I pasted it into an Evernote note:

In Evernote.png

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