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Importing a number of ENEX files to store in Evernote web only (because it is too big)


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I have a number of ENEX files (no tags) on external hard drives that are rather large (~2 GB) that I'd like to pull together to create one big searchable Evernote, on the web. On the web, because it will likely be too big for my computer's hard drive. And probably with a different E-mail address so it is separate from my main Evernote account. 

Any suggestions on how to go about creating it given that Evernote Web does not have importing of ENEX as a capability, and the limited space on my hard drive. I thought about importing each ENEX, one at a time, into my main account, perhaps sharing the notebook with the other account, then going into the other account in Windows and copying it over to a non-shared notebook, and then deleting the shared one, flipping back in Windows to the other account, and so forth (which may or not may work). Or perhaps going into my preferences to change the Evernote directory to the external hard for a short time while I do this. Or something else. 

Any suggestions on how to do this? Essentially importing into an Evernote account with minimal use of hard disk space.





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You could switch to On Demand Sync via Tools - Options - Synchronization - Enable on demand sync.  With this enabled only the header type data for a note is stored on your machine and the note contents are retrieved as needed.  Make purge a short time frame on the same panel to release the downloaded content quickly as you load the files.

There are some downsides to ODS, don't merge notes unless you are sure the note content is on the local machine, backups won't contain all the note data, searches are done on the servers so it can be a bit slower.  If you can deal with these kinds of things, then this is a simple way to dramatically shrink your data base foot print on your PC and have all the data on the web.  You can search the forums for ODS and get more information if you like.  FWIW.

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I meant that other than the ENEX files, I won't be adding anything later on. 

My plan is to import each ENEX file, then Sync On Demand, which will hopefully then remove it from my hard drive. Then import the next ENEX, sync on demand, and it'll go up to the cloud, etc. Once they are all there, I'll be done, and will only interact this account via the web version.

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