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no improvement of Skitch!?!?!?!

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…since long time there is no improvement in Skitch.

…to me it's very sad that Evernote bought Skitch because since this moment the was no improvement!

Gradually Skitch doesn't work with the improving system features.

E.g. drag and drop to mail doesn't work on my machine…

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Indeed, drag and drop to mail from the Skitch client hasn't worked for quite some time. As a workaround, I drag to the desktop and after that I drag from the desktop to mail. Still it was a lot better when it integrated with Mac mail immediately.

Also since MacOS Catalina, when I take crosshair screenshot of a window, the screenshot will contain whatever is in the background image, but not the windows that is on the top (visible) layer.

I hope that both these issues will be fixed at some point.

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