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(Archived) Zoom Image?

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If you look at a note with a large image through our web UI, you'll see that the image is reduced down to fit within the web browser. If you put the mouse over the image, however, the cursor should change. When you click on the image, it will expand to show the full size. E.g. try it on these NASA pictures:


Is this what you're looking for?


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No that's not what I'm looking for. I want an adjustable zoom-in control to zoom in to a particular portion of an image (such as a scanned utility plan or map) in order to read small text or see small details. I'd like a tool similar to the rectangular zoom on Adobe Acrobat where I click on the opposite corners of a rectangle and the view zooms to that area.

What you're describing doesn't seem to happen either on my desktop (Win XP Pro) or on my browser (Firefox On the desktop, the image is scaled to fit the view window and on the browser the image is full sized with horizontal and vertical scroll bars (the test images are set to page size of 24" x 36").

There is a workaround on the browser via using a Firefox extension called "Image Zoom" that lets me fit or zoom on an image, but I still have to fumble around with the scrollbars to find the desired area. There is no workaround for the desktop besides exporting the image to an image editing program.

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I did click the link for the space shuttle image and I do see what you mean, but that only goes back and forth between fitted and full size. The UI doesn't match my browser UI, presumably because the shuttle image was in a public notebook.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback. We'll discuss ways to improve image zooming in the desktop client.

FYI - the "click to zoom" trick should also work on images in your private notebooks via the web UI, if those images are bigger than 800 pixels on a side. If the image is smaller than that, we just display the full image in its native resolution instead.

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