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Bug or improvement: Pressing tab before URL should not add tab to URL

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Here's something I stumble into from time to time.

Best regards,



Steps to reproduce

1. Create a new note

2. Type a URL (e.g. www.evernote.com)

3. Move the cursor to the start of the URL

4. Type the TAB key.

Expected result

Tab is added before the URL

Actual result:

Tab is added to start of the URL, so the tab is underlined.


Use bullets/lists


I have added a screencast.

Evernote version (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)


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Tab 1st!  Then enter URL... and can also then add more tabs, as and if required, without the above behaviour you reported, which incidentally was the same on my EN-for-windows, from happening.

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