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Wasted space in the UI; suggestions


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I like the new web beta, it's still a work in progress, but is already way cleaner than the old version of the web client. There is a lot of wasted white space with the new UI however, wasted space means there is less options and setting on screen so something have to get tucked away into the menu. In the old version, the only option in the overflow (three dot) menu is Copy Notebook Link. Everything else is easily viewed and easily accessed. On the new Web Beta, there is tons of wasted white space, and many of the frequently used options are tucked away in a menu. 

Having so much wasted space means it can be harder to get to the icon/option you want, creating extra clicks or scrolling, it can create tiny pain points in the UI/UX. It means users can read and write less in the editor before having to scroll. One of the ideas from this new editor is to give users and information dense, but easily viewable and usable editor. Give the users all the tools they need up front, so we can concentrate on creating note, rather than managing them. Wasted white space and shoving things in menus, makes that more difficult.

I'd like to see the Notebook and Tags in the top bar, completely eliminating the bottom on. Editing, formatting, sharing and reminders in a bar directly below, and a big blank canvas for editing and creating for the rest of the window. Below is a comparison of the old and new web clients, the old one is so much more information dense, yes so easy to use. If the EN team could combine the information density from the old clent, and the UI/design language of the new client it would be perfect.1049175783_Screenshot2019-10-30at1_57.21PM-Edited.png.62a7c635d2348554e8e8f48073865791.png

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I find the wasted space in the header of the desktop UI even more aggravating.


But yes, overall, the wasted space all over in the latest Evernote UI (since 2018 or so and "growing'?) is a big nuisance to me, too.

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Generally speaking, I really enjoy the layout of the web beta! In my humble opinion, however, some space could be reclaimed for the text editor. This could be done by shrinking the space between the option menu and the note title. Here is the existing web bata editor compared with a mockup web beta editor:

Existing Web Beta Editor


Mockup Web Beta Editor


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