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Web Beta: my feedback


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What I like:
1. Editor: multi colour highlighting. so good!
2. Editor: Headers! really good to have them!
3. Search: great to have the 'by relevance', not tried it very much yet. love the much clearer highlighting for the results (within the note).

Questions, Feedback

comparing to Windows client, version (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981) 

1. Font Size: why is the font size 16? I also use the Windows client, where the default is Segoe UI, size 12. It's not intuitive that Web size 16 corresponds to Windows client size 

2. Headers: great to have them. But why are the defaults not intuitively different? It took me a while to see any difference...

Setting Large Header: it still uses the default font and size: Sans Serif, 16. But at least it looks bold, even though the font style is not bold.
Medium Header: Looks exactly the same as 'normal text'.
Small Header: Looks just like Large Header. Why? It looks bold. The only difference I see after comparing: there is less white space added _before_ the header, depending on which one I pick.

I'm aware I can make my own styles, so that's a great feature.
I just wish the defaults would look (more) different out of the box already.

3. Search: Can the highlighting for a match also apply to the note Title, please?
Something I already find annoying in the current non-Beta. Hence I have to use "intitle:abc" so often, which works much better in this Beta, because of 'relevance'.
But the match is not highlighted in the note title. Neither within the note, nor on the side results. Would like to have the matching word in the title highlighted when it matches.

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@Hanno1981, as you know these are mainly user-to-user forums, though I suppose these beta forums may be watched a little more closely by Evernote staff. But I think the best and most effective place for this feedback would be within the Web beta itself. If you click the little Beta Editor button at bottom right, you get a dialog that includes "Provide feedback." It's a multi-screen form, with lots of opportunities for text input.

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OK, good! To respond to a couple of your points:

I also love the multi-color highlighting (and text colors), and use the Web editor just for that.

I also see a default font of 16 points in the "Sans Serif" font. Text formatted as that appears in the Windows client as Tahoma 10 point, my default there. For me, meh. They're both very readable, and I'm not trying to create anything in publishable condition in Evernote. It would be nice to be able to set a custom default font and size in the Web interface as you can in the Windows client. FWIW, I just tested and the Script and Handwritten fonts come through much more accurately in the Android app than in the Windows client.

I don't use headings enough to have any comment. I definitely agree that having search terms highlighted in titles would be great; of course, that doesn't happen in the Windows client or Android app either!

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