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Two Step Authentication Does Not Work



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So I read this that you mean a Windows PC, and the Windows Client ?

If tkhis is your configuration, before guessing around I would completely uninstall EN from the PC and start it all over.

Reinstall, log in, and you will hopefully get a 2FA- dialogue this time.

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2 hours ago, MissingNote said:

I followed steps in this article https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314238 and setup 2-step authentication. Setup was successfully but EverNote on my PC never ask me for neither password nor pass-code. I did exit/logout and no help, EverNote just opens right away, so anyone can access my EverNote easily! Need to make it works, thanks.

I believe two step only engages when you log in.  It won't happen if you leave EN running on your PC. 

You need to File - Sign out username to prevent someone from gaining access, either with or without 2FA.  File - Sign out will force a password to be entered.  You should see the panel below when you sign out.


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@MissingNote As others indicated, if you are already logged into the account in an Evernote Client, you won't be prompted for the 2FA until you log out again. If you're concerned about already logged in devices having access after 2FA is enabled, you can always revoke access to the device:


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