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Received invite to test New Search, but new search is not available

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Not working for me either in Chrome on Windows 7 machine. I did an Evernote  help desk chat earlier today, and they had same problem on their end, but no solution. Looks like I am in new version of Evernote Web, but don't get the new search features mentioned lately in YouTube video with CEO (search terms popping up as I type, etc.). 

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@terryhatmaker @Egor T. @Powerfab@Zardoz

Thanks for reaching out!

To clarify, are you using the same Evernote Account/email address to login to Evernote that you used to sign-up for beta access?

We enabled user access to the search beta features by specific Evernote Account/email address, so if you are using multiple Evernote Accounts this may be why you are not seeing the features.

If you are still having trouble accessing the search beta, please reach out to me via DM and I will work to resolve the issue and get you access!


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So, as I now understand it from Shane D, the new search features talked about on YouTube by CEO are only available in beta? I had a chat session with help desk person, and they couldn't get it to work on their end either. Tried it in Evernote web (new version - not beta) in Google Chrome on Windows 7 machine and on my Mac at home.  Interested to know when it may be a working feature for me - thanks!

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