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Who can see your Trash?

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I am an EBA Admin for four EBAs. Today I am working on two of them, 8 users on and 6 on another. They share notebooks between EBAs.  
I am setting up a new user. I have his temp email, and I set up his Evernote on a Windows computer beside me. On my computer, I shared the notebooks he needs to do his new job.  In error, I shared a notebook with him that I should not have.  From inside his Windows desktop client app, I "left" the notebook.  Here's the problem: after he left the notebook, all of the notes from that notebook were found and still accessible in his Trash. With all of the notes that were ever deleted from this notebook, going back years!  Worse, I was able to copy them and put them into his personal Evernote account.
From my computer, I went to the admin console/Content/Notebooks.  I selected the notebook, chose "show details" and clicked on the x after his name.  I went back into his account on the other computer, and synced, and the notes were no longer in his Trash.

Has anyone else seen this?  

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Hi.  Not sure what you're asking here.  If the user of an account deletes a notebook - whether that user is authorised to see it or not - the notes wind up in Trash as a safety measure against random/ accidental deletion.  They'll stay there until the Trash is emptied,  and yes - in case they were deleted in error - notes in Trash can be restored to the parent account.

As the admin of multiple accounts you have access at a 'higher' level than an individual user,  hence you were able to see and delete them.  Your user would have been able to see the deleted notes that you accidentally copied to the account and then deleted,  had they been logged in while the notes were in Trash. 

Since you emptied the Trash they are now totally gone.  Although:  it would be a different story on a Mac because there's something in MacOS called Purgatory that you might need to investigate further...

You might want to remind your users to empty their Trash regularly as general housekeeping,  and if anyone adds notes or notebooks to an account that the user is not authorised to see,  they need to delete the notes and clear out the Trash for security. 

Otherwise this seems like business as usual to me...


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The users don't empty the trash, the admin does.  This particular EBA does not empty the trash, as there are often notes that need to be recalled from the trash, by the admin. When a user joins a notebook that has been used for a while, they also get all of the trash for that notebook.  

1. User is invited to the notebook 2019 10 01. 

2. User gets all of the notes currently in the notebook, AND every note that has ever been deleted from that notebook, since the notebook was created, not just since 2019 10 01.  


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5 hours ago, Fab Mandy said:

AND every note that has ever been deleted from that notebook, since the notebook was created

That seems like a security hole if notes aren't being deleted,  but again that seems more a process issue,  not a fault with the app.

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