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Pinning Evernote Web to Windows Desktop as a shortcut?


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I usually pin Prime Video and other services as web apps to Windows 10 desktop by using the 'Create Shortcut' option (and selecting 'Open as Window' ) under more tools in Chrome. However, when I do that with Evernote, it asks me to login every single I open the shortcut. Is there anyway to fix this?

Also, the Evernote Windows client is ugly and not very pleasant to use. Can the Evernote team please create an Evernote PWA like how Twitter has it in Windows Store?

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Hi.  As you know,  Evernote has the web app and an installed desktop client which is much richer in features than the web option,  since it has direct access to more processing and storage space.  If you start the installed app from a shortcut it won't ask you for a password unless you signed out of a previous session completely. 

If you start the web app,  there's an option to 'remember me for 30 days' which can put a cookie on your device to allow you access - if your browser permissions are set to accept that cookie.  There's no other option (that I'm aware of) for opening the app.

I don't see Evernote being keen to develop an additional PWA version,  though they are still working on the web client,  and only they know where that is going...  

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