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Lost a very important note as it wasn't automatically saved

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I was on a flight so my phone was in airplane mode. 

I had a very important meeting on the flight & I took notes for the same using Evernote Android app. But, for some reason the note wasn't automatically saved & it vanished as soon as I tried to share the note when flight landed. 

I need that note badly. It's very important for my career. Please help.

I have a free account with Evernote. And I rely a lot of Evernote. This is the first time it has happened with me. 

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Hi.  Sorry but it's unlikely you'll be able to get the note back if it wasn't available to sync to the online server when you cancelled airplane mode.  Mobile devices have limited memory and notes aren't saved there long-term.  The content would have been in temporary memory ready to be synced to the server,  but if you tried to share before syncing,  this may have cleared the memory rather than saving it.

If you edited an existing note there's a possibility that the changes were overwritten when the network reconnected - if you upgrade to Premium for a month you may be able to find the content in Note History.

We're a mainly user-supported forum,  so can't offer any network level help.

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59 minutes ago, Divyadeep Sawhney said:

What are the odds that I will get the note back if I switch to Premium?

You can subscribe to Premium for a single month,   
however this will not increase the recovery options for your lost note

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