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Evernote Web search no longer working?

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Using both Firefox & Edge I can no longer get ANY search results when searching a "your notebooks" for specific text.

This has always worked for me on all browsers (Firefox, Edge & IE), now when I search for a specific text I get "No Notes Found for xxxx"

If I perform the exact same search in IE I get the results I expect.

I thought it was a Firefox issue as they are really "battening down the hatches" when it comes to privacy but the same thing happens with the Edge browser.

Any Suggestions?

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I did not know their was different web interfaces for Evernote (I have shut off notifications from Evernote)...

I found the menu option that allows me to  "switch to the new Evernote web" and that fixed my problem on Firefox (Happy Days!)

I then opened Evernote in edge and IE,  I got the same message on both browsers "Sorry, we don't support your browser at this moment."   and offered a button " Continue to older version".

98% of my evernote use is done using Firefox, specifically my wife has vigorously complained about the problem on Firefox so if my wife is happy I am happy until Evernote

addresses Edge. I'm not sure if they will go after IE.



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@Miikey, glad that sorted it, and so simply. I hope you took full credit and nodded sagely as you showed her how to switch to the beta version. 😁 Yes, I forgot that there are some browsers the beta doesn't work on yet--and I suspect, maybe hope, that you're right, they won't spend resources to support the new version on a discontinued browser. I'm just glad they support it on Opera!

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I've also been experiencing failed searches with the classic web client.  Upgrading to the beta web client isn't an option for me since it is still missing a ton of important features, including reminders.  Basically some of my notes never get found on the web client, even when I search for single words contained in the notes.  But those notes are found when I use the Windows or Android native clients.  Since this seems to be specific to the web client, I created a report here.  I also contacted support about 10 hours ago, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.  If anyone has ideas/suggestions, or even just to let us know whether you're experiencing the problem too, that would be great.

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Just as an update, someone on my other thread discovered that search is only broken for certain sort orders (alphabetical title sort).  If I change the sort order to other choices like date updated it gives me the right results again.  This workaround does help somewhat, but I hope Evernote actually fixes this new bug soon!

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