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Android widget has disappeared

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I just updated my Android OS to Version 9, and my Evernote to 8.12.2, and my Evernote Android widget has disappeared. It's no longer on my home screen or in my widget tray. Evernote Support says it's no longer downloadable from the Play Store but is integrated into the app; however, I can't find it. Anyone have any insights or answers? 

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Hi, @Gorneaux, and welcome to the forums. You should be able to create an Evernote widget in the usual Android way: long-press on the home screen, select Widgets from the options at the bottom of the screen, scroll the resulting pages till you get to Evernote, and tap on that. There are 3 widgets to choose from when I do this.

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I have seen a change as well. I have Evermote loaded in my work profile. Only see a single widget option now. Even when I select the single widget it will not show up on my home screens following the normal process of widgets. I admit I noticed a change over 6 months ago but figured it was some bug and didn't spend time sorting it out. I'm on a Pixel 3a running Android 10. The work profile tends to jack up widgets but this is a bit more than normal since it shows at least one widget but even that one doesn't work properly. I really want my list view back.


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