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Shared notebooks not working in new version of Evernote

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I'm taking a course that includes a link to a public notebook. 

I opened the link in the browser and clicked on "Join Notebook".

In the new web interface it shows up in the regular Notebooks list, and does NOT show up in the Shared with me section.

If I try and click on the notebook, it just gives me an error message: "You no longer have access to this notebook" and then redirects me back to the All Notes screen.

If I go to the Notebooks management section, I can't even hover over the "..." icon without it giving me the error message and then redirecting me back to the All Notes screen.

The notebook appears to work correctly if I go back to the "previous version of Evernote" as well as the iOS mobile app.

This cripples the public shared notebook functionality in the new web interface.

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On 2/24/2020 at 2:46 PM, WorkUser said:

I am having this same issue, it is definitely still an issue with the new web client.

Go back to the "previous" version.  The new version is not feature complete as yet.

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How could this still be an issue?  It's almost a year later and I seem to be having the same issue.  First time I have attempted to share a folder and I don't have the native version installed on my MacBook do to space issues.  What am I missing?


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