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REQUEST: Apple script support for Mac Toolbar screenshot tool



The Mac tool bar screenshot tool is awesome, but having to use your mouse to first open this window and then select the 'screen-grab' option is tedious and time consuming.



I am a big fan of the productivity tool alfred which allows you to run apple scripts from a single hotkey. I would like to request applescript support for triggering the screen-grab option so I can use it in custom scripts. This way I can use keyboard shortcuts to trigger screenshot capture vs. using my mouse every time. 

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Your post has various elements

  • Screenshots on a Mac can be triggerred by command-shift-3, command-shift-4, command-shift-5
  • Your screenshot shows the Evernote Helper. It's a useful tool317849576_ScreenShot2019-10-21at07_58_22.png.f643d06f6c95c6812bed435d810155fd.png
  • I'm an Applescript fan and use Fastscripts to assign keyboard shortcuts to Applescripts
    I'll check out Alfred


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