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Hide "Shared With Me" in left panel

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Hi.  You don't 'have' to use it,  and there is no 'or else' - it's just a heading unless and until someone shares a notebook with you,  then you get a separate listing here.  No way (AFAIK) to delete it,  though you can close/ shrink the left panel so you don't have to look at it if you wish...

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6 hours ago, Dawn Marie Howard said:

I completely agree, I don't want to look at it. 

One way to get rid of it is to close the left panel (F10).  Works for how I use EN anyway.  FWIW.

ScreenClip.png.b85a37780e7fa68d1c7b69d62dcc11ba.png    ScreenClip.png.483856999ec4a60313d96d8649f61fe4.png

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