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Article about the Common Editor

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In one of the videos it is explained that testing is primarily done in the web client. Reason is that doing fixes there is much easier than in downloaded software betas.

So it is the web client first, then a last stop of app betas, before a feature is rolled out. Apart from changes forced from the outside (like the Mac/iOS upgrades) it is said that future changes will first bring all clients together in terms of layout, function and if ever possible code as well.

New features are postponed after this, because the current multi-layout multi-platform situation does not allow for a real progress for all users.

At least this is what I understood from the series of videos.

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Interesting article, @ObviousBob. Good insights into the development process. I liked this from Jesse Jorgenson:


Many projects get to a point where modifying the codebase is like pulling teeth, but I’ve done all I can to make sure that doesn’t happen by simplifying various systems as we are building the new editor. Finding simpler ways to accomplish a task or removing extraneous processes in a system helps with clarity, performance and new features.


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