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Dear Community

Upon installing the new web clipper for Safari 13, I noticed a disclaimer allowing Evernote to read sensitive data such as credit card information etc. and track my browsing on all webpages.

I struggle to understand why this would be required in order for the web clipper to function? In my view only information from clipped websites is required for Evernote, but I most certainly do not want to share all of my browsing history nor my credit card information with Evernote... If anyone is feeling comfortable with clipping credit card forms, then I understand that this will be stored in Evernote - but for any other webpage I am visiting I cannot see any valid rationale for Evernote to capture any information at all, let alone sensitive information - anyone able to explain?

Much appreciated & Cheers,


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Hi.  You can check on Evernote's security here - https://evernote.com/security and message them direct if you have any special concerns.  I'd imagine (but I'm not an employee,  so I do not know) that web regulations require Evernote to inform you of everything that might be captured by Clipper if you select -forinstance- a web purchase receipt showing your credit card details.  No reputable software would delve into your credit card (or any other) details buried in system files or browsing history.  Evernote just needs to 'see' the page(s) it copies to your notes.

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If you do not want to have credit card information slip out - do not clip the page when you have entered your credit card data.

If you do not want to send your browsing history out - do not clip everything.

If you use web clipper, you can not avoid to send the complete page with all content plus meta data about the clipped page to the EN server. This is how it works. Technically this is handing it over to EN, even if nobody reads it. So they have to tell you in the privacy disclaimer.

If you want to use a local process, „print“ the webpage to a pdf, and send this to EN. It will copy as well to the server (if it is not going into a local notebook). But this happens to all information you safe in your EN account.

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