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(Archived) Would you save your website passwords in EN?



would you save your website passwords in EN? I am registered with 150+ websites including my bank and at the moment I keep track of all my logins and passwords on a single spreadsheet locked away on my mac. But should I generate an EN for each password? would I need to code my passwords in some way or is EN secure?

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I'm PC, so this may not help. I use SplashID on my desktop & iPhone for all passwords. It's the source of all truth. I also use 1Password on my iPhone b/c it makes it easier (IE more automated) to get into some of my accounts using the iPhone. IIRC, 1Password is a Mac app, so you may want to take a look at that.

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I keep many website passwords in Evernote. The note tends to look something like this:


Username: dave_engberg

Password: _____________

Where the password has been encrypted on the Mac or Windows client (select the text and then right-click to encrypt).

I don't do that for the most important and sensitive passwords (e.g. the ones to get into the Evernote servers), but it's ok for lower-sensitivity sites in my opinion.

A dedicated local password management application will offer a lot more features ... it can auto-fill the forms for you, etc. But I tend to be too lazy to manage that sort of thing on all of the machines I use in a given week, whereas Evernote is always there.

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I keep some in EN, but obviously not my online banking, to be honest I don't bother encrypting the ones that I do keep in there.

For stuff I don't want to risk I use 1Password which is a great Mac app and also has a nice iPhone app too.

1Password does the nice auto-complete stuff that Dave mentioned too (works really well for me as I only use one computer).

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I keep several in EN, but 1) I always encrypt them (usually the user name too), 2) I don't type out the full password, just enough to trigger my memory, and 3) they are mostly all in locally-stored notebooks, not sync'd notebooks. I don't usually need those passwords when away from my computer, so syncing isn't an issue.

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