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Can't Start a Free Trial



Okay so I've been at this for a while so bear with me if I'm in the wrong place. I can't find where to just get help!!

I have to copy my class notes from Evernote to a mind map as per my teacher's wishes. I'd been doing this for a while when I realized one of my notes was missing - I have concluded that I'd written over one of my notes with a new one because I thought I had duplicated the note when I hadn't. I really need to get that note back. I wanted to restore it with Note History but of course that's a premium feature. 

I feel like I've been trying to get a premium free trial for AGES. I open the page where the free trial is offered - https://evernote.com/business/choose-plan - but as soon as I log in I'm sent to the web client. I can't get a premium free trial within there. Every time I revisit the main page I've been logged out. It's extremly frustrating - I really need that note back!!
Any tips? Am I doing it wrong? Please help! Thank you very much!!

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Hi.  That link is for a Business plan,  and since you were logged in,  it's sending you to your account presumably so you can upgrade.  As an existing account holder you don't get 'free trials' of Premium,  but you could upgrade your existing account to Premium,  possibly for only one month,  to allow you to recover your 'lost' note.  As a student you might qualify for a discount.  For that,  you'd start here >> https://evernote.com/students

If that's not suitable,  go to this page - https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action - and look for 'manage subscription'.  You can upgrade - temporarily or otherwise - from there.  Once you have upgraded successfully to a monthly pay Premium account,  make sure you go back and downgrade again before the next payment is due...

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