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evernote scansnap / catalina

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I've looked all over the fujitsu support pages and I understand that when I upgrade to Catalina, ScanSnap will not work with Evernote. Supposedly I need to replace the current ScanSnap software package with the new ScanSnap Home software package ... but for the life of me I cannot find a download page for ScanSnap Home.

I bought the scanner precisely because it was supported by Evernote, and I use them as a unit, a lot.

Could anybody please enlighten me on how to replace the ScanSnap software with the ScanSnap Home software (including where to download it from?)

Any help much appreciated.

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Try it here:


They say it was tested with Catalina beta, the last confirmation is pending. On my MacBookPro that runs Catalina since yesterday it worked as before, after I gave it the necessary permissions:


I have not tested every aspect, but initial scans went as before under Mojave. Home does not have all the features as before, but it serves my needs, and through changing or adding profiles you can tailor it to your use cases.

In general, the Catalina upgrade worked just fine for me, not problems at all. After upgrading you will be flooded with permission requests. This is just once per app, after granting permission (or not, I have cut back a lot on camera and microphone permissions) you will not be asked again.

And I am completely happy that I could download the first iPad app to my Mac under the new Catalyst feature.

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OMG! THANK YOU!! I have been struggling with this for the past 2 years! I've had to use other computers and my setup was all messed up because my primary machine couldn't scan. Not only did this work, but there is also a nice mobile app that forwards it to evernote without a computer!! Thanks everyone for the pointers!



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This thread is rather old.

In the meantime, Fujitsu has come to its senses and programmed a new, 64Bit version of ScanSnap Manager as well. It has a „7.x“ version number and will run under Catalina and BigSur. Since the second release from last autumn it supports cloud services as EN as well.

So you now have a selection of ScanSnap Manager, ScanSnap Home plus the mobile and cloud scanning solutions. I prefer not to use the Fujitsu servers for my scanning (sending every scan to Fujitsu, with unknown security, just to forward it to where it should go anyhow).

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