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Export from OneNote & import into Evernote. File Formats?

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I am currently using, Microsoft OneNote Home and Student 2016.

I am also trying the "free" version of Evernote.  I will probably do the month to month version of Evernote soon. 

Therefore, I am interested in migrating from OneNote  to Evernote.

I see there are some instructions on how to do this but the instructions are lite/limited in their scope.  For example, here, a document from the Houston Chronicle.  That document seems to indicate that "Evernote" will be able to locate the "OneNote" files on your computer. And, that I will not have to first "export" my notes from OneNote.  Is that correct? 

If "exporting" out of Microsoft OneNote 2016 is required, which file format do I "export" as,  *.one,  *.pdf,  *.xps,  *.mht ?

Thank you!


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Hi.  If you install Evernote on your laptop File > Import includes an option for Microsoft OneNote.  That may or may not work for you depending on how complex your notes are.  The only other option is to convert your OneNote notes to some file type that Evernote can accept as a new note.  PDF or HTML if you have it would probably be best.  Use an Import Folder to add the exported files as new notes.  You may wish to try moving a small number of notes initially to test out the method first.

How to create import folders in Evernote for Windows

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On 10/12/2019 at 3:43 PM, brian1986 said:

If "exporting" out of Microsoft OneNote 2016 is required, which file format do I "export" as,  *.one,  *.pdf,  *.xps,  *.mht ?

I would use the pdf format.  This is readable within the Evernote editor

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