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Change font size at cursor position (e.g. new line) via keyboard shortcut



Evernote does not support to apply headings H1, H2, H3, etc. To quickly add such headings manually it is quite useful to change the font size by applying quick shortcuts via keyboard.

Changing the font-size in Evernote (for Mac) can be done via Format > Style > Bigger or via Shift + CMD + .

Problem: Applying this shortcut works only when a text is highlighted and NOT just at the current cursor position. When using this in a normal workflow it would be quite useful to just get into a new line, hit the shortcut Shift + CMD + .  a few times to get to a H1 heading, type heading, enter to new line, shortcut a few times Shift + CMD + , to get back to normal font size.

Solution: Of course we all know that we need headings, however, I also think that it should be possible to change the font-size no matter if text is selected or it is only at the current cursor position.


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29 minutes ago, markus985 said:

Evernote does not support to apply headings H1, H2, H3, etc.

But they will. See the beta web editor for a preview. No hotkeys for those but I'd guess that there will be.


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