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Upper case text in to do list?

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When I edit or create a note and insert check boxes for to do lists, the first letter after the box is always lower case. In my opinion, I find this a bit annoying since I always have to press shift first to format the text correctly. Is this a known bug or planned to be changed soon?

I use Evernote on a One Plus phone with Android 9 installed. Language is set to German. I set the system language to English and tested other keyboards, but the behavior was the same.

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This has been a, umm, "feature" of checklists for quite a long time, on Android and other platforms. Many Android keyboard apps have a feature that will automatically capitalize the first word of a new sentence or paragraph, but somehow the checkbox masks the beginning of the paragraph, and the keyboard does not recognize it, and so does not capitalize. I also find this annoying. It is possible to enter a space as the first character of the checklist item, and then when you begin to type, the first letter is capitalized. But then you have to either delete the space, or tolerate its existence.

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4 hours ago, massenpunkt said:

Thank you Dave for the reply. So I guess it will not change anytime soon... 😕

There's really no way of knowing. It may be on a list of changes to be made; it may be number 3 or number 3,000 on the list, so who knows? There are actually bugs in the Android app that cause me way worse problems than this, such as notes getting locked and not syncing.

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