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Zoom View bounced back ios 13.1.1

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I spend more time to view than do editing.  So it is really frustration when I scroll around, and then suddenly fall into edit mode with my finger pause at a place for a while.

What even more annoying is that when edit mode activated, the font size returns to the smallest default.   That is my zoom view got cancelled, then next thing i need to do is zoom and move cursor to where i left off.

With IOS 13.1.1 on my iPhone 8 plus, the zoom mode in view is bugged.   I can zoom, but when my finger lift, it returns to smallest default 9 out of 10 times.

More to consider:  When default font size is not in options/setting?  and also, it is regardless of font size of the system. 

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I have this problem, just got a iphone XR yesterday. If you pinch zoom multiple times eventually it will strick. But then as soon as you start to scroll the screen it generally snaps back. Clearly a bug in Evernote or ios, but I've only seen it in Evernote.

The font sizes in Evernote on ios are shocking, totally unreadable, and changing the phon'es font size does nothing.

Zooming the whole screen is not remotely a satisfactory option. Even the pinch zoom, if it worked properly, is not ideal. Ideal is readable font to begin with.

To me this is a massive issue, I've used Evernote loads on a phone on Android but on iphone it's a disaster. I don't just use it for little notes, I use it for planning trips in detail, flights, trains, language, everything.

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