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I don't spend a lot of time troubleshooting my devices.

One solution is to completely remove Evernote; app, database, ...., then reinstall snd start fresh

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You should probably follow the advise of DTLow: Complete uninstall (I use AppCleaner, and really check all items down the list), reinstall.

Be aware that local notebooks are not on the server, so make sure you have a backup of these. Everything on the server will reinstall itself after the EN app was installed freshly. Use the direct download from the EN website, not the version from the AppStore.

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4 hours ago, Mata Hari said:

Exporting all notes will not preserve the structure, i e the notebooks and the tags

You're hijacking the discussion; you should start a new topic

Tag information is preserved for the exported notes; notebook information is not preserved
Some users do separate exports for each notebook

>>I would need to export each note separately

To what purpose?

>>Should I export to ENEX ? (is it XML ?)

ENEX and XML are the same export format

I prefer HTML format; the data is readable by any web browser app.

For importing, ENEX is a better format; it preserves the note metadata (except for notebook and note-id)

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