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Where to place a file so EN will import it?

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Import folders on a Mac require a little more work1683093441_ScreenShot2019-10-06at13_58_57.png.391818bea5932ab3fc6ec0f051f22903.png

Any folder can be used
Right Click > Services > Folder Actions
The screenshot shows my desktop import folder (@Evernote) and I've selected script Evernote Folder.scpt

The scripts are stored at
/Users/<user>/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts

The script (Applescript) can be as complex as you need
I've attached a vanilla script  Evernote Vanilla Folder.scpt

on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving newFiles
     delay 5
     repeat with newFile in newFiles
tell application "Evernote" to create note from file newFile
tell application "Finder" to delete (newFile)
     end repeat
end adding folder items to

Applescript is a useful tool for Mac users.  I've posted instructions at 


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