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Scrolling after every tag




this "feature" was introduced many months ago but I am loosing so much time because of it that I decided to post here. Every time I am tagging a note by drag and drop of the note from my inbox to the sidebar evernote scrolls up in the sidebar to the first notebook. If I want to add the same tag to another note I have to scroll back down to find the tag again. You might say why not tag them all at once? Well my inbox is very chaotic before I tagged it so I need to read the note itself before I can decide which tags I want to give it.Previously the sidebar would simply stay where it is after you added a tag. If you want to go back up you could scroll. This was way more efficient for me. Is there a way to turn this back on?


Thank you for your help.



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On 10/6/2019 at 7:22 AM, Machinima said:

Every time I am tagging a note by drag and drop of the note from my inbox to the sidebar

Drag-and-Drop isn't my practice for assigning tags

On my Mac, I start typing the tag name; a short list appears and I select the correct tag1758919325_ScreenShot2019-10-06at08_42_47.png.129868350ba6df6d3f7fbcd3787b649d.png

I rarely use the notebook/tag trees in the sidebar

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21 minutes ago, Machinima said:

I think it will results in chaos if I try finding them every time.

  • Your original post indicates you do "try finding them every time"🙂

Another point is that I prefix my tagnames, for example Colour, Colour-Red, Colour-Blue
It reflects the hierarchy, and makes tags easier to find

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Articulating software problems is hard haha. I meant finding them in the list on the sidebar not finding them google-style.


Maybe I give your method a shot. It might be more efficient than mine. I would still like to know if there is any way to turn the "sidebar refreshing" after every tag off.

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